DialogueSpaceSG Sculpture Design Submission

Design a sculpture to inspire interfaith dialogue and action for the common good among young adults in Singapore, and remind future generations of this commitment and continuous engagement.

Winner announced for DialogueSpaceSG Sculpture Design Competition

14th May 2021: After much deliberation reviewing 12 high-quality entries, the judging panel composed of representatives of the Catholic Architectural Guild (CAG), Archdiocesan Catholic Council for Interreligious Dialogue (ACCIRD) and the Singapore Management University Wee Kim Wee Centre (SMU WKWC) hereby announce the winner of the DialogueSpaceSG Sculpture Design Competition to be “Let’s Talk” submitted by Mr Lee Hon Chuan.

“We felt that the sculpture will create opportunities to engage the young adults through a creative interpretation of the brief, and at the same time offer multiple ways of seeing. It is an intent we sought to convey through this competition, that all of us can participate meaningfully in interfaith dialogue” said Mr. Michael Leong, Chair for Judging Panel .

Mr Lee Hon Chuan shall be invited to share about his concept at the upcoming DialogueSpaceSG Interfaith Forum for Young Adults on the 23rd of May. The judging panel would like to thank all designers who took the effort to submit their ideas to promote the importance, significance and power of interfaith dialogue among young adults in today’s society.


DialogueSpaceSG is initiated by the Catholic Church of Singapore as part of its 200th anniversary. The launch of the DialogueSpaceSG will comprise the Interfaith Forum for Young Adults as part of the community engagement initiatives for the common good of Singapore.

Fundamentally, a country flourishes when constructive dialogue occurs between its many rich cultural components. Persistent, courageous and respectful dialogue aimed at achieving deeper understanding will contribute to a world that is much better to live in. In our pluralistic society, it calls for an authentic social dialogue that involves the ability to respect the other’s point of view without being dismissive; to approach, speak, listen, look at, come to know of, understand one another and find common ground (Fratelli Tutti, #198) and consensus while respecting the dignity of everyone. Essentially, “the goal of dialogue is to establish friendship, peace and harmony, and to share spiritual and moral values and experiences in a spirit of truth and love”. (Fratelli Tutti, #271)

Design Theme

To design a sculpture to inspire interfaith dialogue and action for the common good among young adults in Singapore, and remind future generations of this commitment and continuous engagement. As this design competition was inspired by Pope Francis’ latest encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, on fraternity and social friendship, all designers are to refer to the official website on the document https://www.humandevelopment.va/en/fratelli-tutti.html so as to grasp the principles outlined and incorporate relevant themes into the sculpture. Design shall neither bear any explicit religious symbols/icons nor emphasise on a specific religion. Future location of the proposed sculpture has not been fixed. Notwithstanding that, it should be displayed in an area where the youth congregate in Singapore.


This is a Public Call for design submissions. Shortlisting of submitted artworks will be led by the Catholic Architectural Guild made up of professionals in the architectural and design profession together with the Archdiocesan Catholic Council for Interreligious Dialogue (ACCIRD) and key stakeholders.



Open to all residents of Singapore, residing in Singapore. (Citizens, PR, Student Visa or Work Pass)


05 March 2021 Submission opens
03 May 2021 Submission closes at 2359hrs
05 May 2021 Announcement of shortlisted applicants (for scaled mock-up submissions)
14 May 2021 Announcement of winner
23 May 2021 Sharing of winning design by winner at DialogueSpaceSG Interfaith Forum for Young Adults

Submission Details


Submissions should include sufficient detail, description and illustrations to communicate the concept, form and medium of the sculpture in the proposed setting to assist the selection jury to understand and visualise the design proposal. The design must be original and created specially for this competition and not been showcased before.

1. Competition Entry Form

Participant must submit the online entry form which shall be accompanied by the following:

  • Design Statement & Title of Sculpture
    Submit a synopsis of their works (not more than 300 words in total) along with the Title of the Sculpture. This will be used for publication purposes and may be edited. (Format: WORD document / .doc)
  • Drawings / Images
    Sketches or illustrations to assist Jury to visualise what is being proposed. A maximum of three (3) A3 pages in digital format. (Format: JPEG RGB, minimum of 300dpi resolution and maximum total file size of 10MB.) Proposed materials for the sculpture shall be indicated and annotated on the drawings. Proposed actual dimensions and sufficient details and specifications for the purpose of developing the drawings for fabrication shall also be reflected.
  • Images of Physical Mock-up
    Images (min 2, max 5) of the physical mock-up of the proposed sculpture shall be included in the submission. Approximate scale of mock-up shall be 1:10. (Format: JPEG RGB, minimum 300dpi resolution and maximum total file size of 10MB.)

2. Shortlisted Submissions

  • Physical Mock-up
    Shortlisted participants will be notified on 5 May 2021 and shall submit the 1:10 scale physical mock-up by 7 May 2021. The physical mock-up shall be properly protected. The organisers will not be liable for any damages to the mock-up. All submitted mock-ups will be retained by the organisers and will not be returned to the participants.Address to submit the mock-up: CANA The Catholic Centre 55, Waterloo Street #02-01 Singapore 187954

Judging Criteria & Process

The decision of the Selection Jury is final. Incomplete and/or non-compliant submission will not be considered. Submissions will not be returned. All communications of results shall be via email.


1. Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and originality of the depicted theme
  • Quality of the Concept & overall Design based on the theme
  • Compliance with the Design Brief
  • Sensitivity to the context
  • Technicalities & Deliverability

2. Selection Jury*

  • Archdiocesan Catholic Council for Interreligious Dialogue (ACCIRD)
  • Catholic Architectural Guild (CAG)
  • Relevant key stakeholders

*Comprises professionals and key representatives from the above organisations.

Other Design considerations


The sculpture should be wholly contained within the defined area of approximately 1.8m x 1.8m x 3m high but need not use the entire area. Future location of the proposed sculpture has not been fixed. Notwithstanding that, it should be displayed in an area where the youth congregate in Singapore.

Low Maintenance Considerations

All materials and components proposed within the design shall be easily maintained, long lasting, withstand outdoor weathering and appropriate to the setting. Appreciation of the sculpture at night (e.g. lighting design) shall be reflected in the design. Sustainability shall also be considered in the choice of materials/fabrication/installation.

Any maintenance requirements should be carefully considered in the shape and form of the sculpture. Moving parts/elements should be minimised and avoided.

Public Safety Consideration

The sculpture is accessible to the public for up close viewing and openly displayed without supervision. Hence, the design shall take into consideration public safety and not pose any risk/danger/hazards, including fire, to the public. The design must allow sufficient secured anchorage to the ground to avoid toppling.

Fabrication of the Sculpture

For the winning entry, details of fabrication, installation and coordination as needed will be worked out accordingly with an appointed vendor/contractor, together with the winner and organizers. Please note the winning design may be modified in the fabrication process and as required by the local authorities.


Terms and Conditions


By participating in this competition and submitting the Entry Form to the organisers, you agree to the following:

Intellectual Property Rights

Each participant agrees to grant the organiser, ACCIRD, a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right and licence to use, exhibit and reproduce the sculpture in any medium or format, including digital, for any purpose connected to the DialogueSpaceSG. Participants will be responsible for satisfying copyright requirements, should they have quoted or reproduced from any other sources. Participants shall allow the image of his artwork, including submissions, to be reproduced by the media whilst the work is on public display.

Organiser’s Rights

The organisers reserve the right and absolute discretion to:

1. Cancel or modify the competition or fabrication at any time;

2. Disqualify any entry that:

(i) does not comply with the competition’s theme or criteria;

(ii) is incomplete, illegible, or not received in time; and/or

(iii) otherwise deemed ineligible by the organizers;


Your Personal Data held by the organisers shall be kept confidential. Each participant consents that the organisers may:

1. Collect your Personal Data in the manner set out herein. “Personal Data” includes the following information collected, directly or indirectly, from you: name; address; telephone number(s); email addresses; date of birth; gender; nationality; passport, birth certificate and/or NRIC number(s); and any other information disclosed in the Entry Form;

2. Use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • To verify your identity;
  • To communicate with you in connection with the Design Competition;
  • Publicising and/or marketing the Award;
  • To process and respond to enquiries;
  • In connection with the fabrication of the sculpture; and
  • Compiling data and conducting statistical or demographic analysis; and

3. Share your Personal Data with their affiliates in Singapore for the purposes set out above. When doing so, the organisers shall require them to ensure that your Personal Data disclosed to them is kept confidential and that they comply with all applicable laws.


The Competition is being organised by ACCIRD and administered by the Catholic Architectural guild. All queries in respect of the Competition should be addressed in writing to: catholicarchguild@gmail.com