IGNITUS! Social Mission with Love

IGNITUS! Social Mission With Love

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04/09/2021 12:00 am - 11:00 pm

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One in Love and Service

Coming together as one body in our social mission and our faith, we remember and celebrate the amazing love of God shown in our Singapore history. Through the sharing of our mission work, we continue to strengthen all involved in our current day service and efforts, while journeying with people in need in our community and around the region.

The aim of this event is to ignite the desire in everyone to answer the call, join in, and reach out to our vulnerable brothers and sisters. In doing so, we unite to bring the love and mercy of God to all.

Fee: TBC

Organising Committee:

  • Alan Lim (Co-Chair)

  • Thomas Low (Co-Chair)

  • Linus Ng

  • Christine Wong

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