Individual Participation

Catholic200SG Community Briefing

On 10 April 2021, the Catholic200SG Committee conducted a session on how each Catholic can be a part of this momentous occasion, from attending one of the myriad events and activities to a deeper involvement of performing, knowledge sharing, volunteering, etc.

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You can participate in the many Catholic200SG events as follows: 


Join in the Intercessory Prayers, Prayer Marathon, Rosary Petals, Novenas and other spiritual activities throughout the year. Sign up to be a Prayer Warrior.

Obtain a Plenary Indulgence

granted by the Holy See.


on the role of faith in families, parish life, society and serving the poor and marginalised.


the impact of our faith in youth, education, workplace, social mission and family life at the several official events.

Attend the Catholic200SG Festival

and participate in the myriad of talks, spiritual and other activities, including concurrent Mass.

Show your Catholic identity

proudly with a T-shirt and other souvenirs of Catholic200SG.


to the organising costs of Catholic200SG and the future of the Catholic Church in Singapore.

Volunteer your Time 

You can also help out with your parish open house or concurrent Mass (11 December).

To do so, check with your parish.

Submit your entries and other materials

• Write a theme song for Catholic200SG. Register your interest here | Find out more.

• Produce a short film for Faith Reels. Register here.

• Write a short story or article for Luminary Lit. Register your interest here.

• Identify (and contribute) historical books for Luminary Lit. Let us know here.

• Design the Catholic200SG Mural. Find out more| Submit design here.

• Submit any ideas or support you wish to provide for Catholic200SG here.

• Donate your books of faith to others. Drop them off at:
CANA, #02-01, Catholic Centre,
55 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187954