Handmade Bracelet Rosary (Job’s Tears)


Job’s Tears

Home-grown / Handmade Bracelet Rosary
Handmade by CANA the Catholic Centre in celebration of Catholic200SG.

As each rosary bracelet is handmade, each item is unique. Designs may vary.

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Rosary beads are tear-drop-shaped seeds of the plant also known as adlay and coix.
It closely resembles Chinese pearl barley and is indigenous to Southeast Asia.

It is named for the Biblical Job who wept over his overwhelming suffering and yet held on to his relationship with God.
It celebrates also Job's tears of joy when God restored him to health and blessed him with overwhelming abundance.

The seeds you hold in your hand are home-grown and lovingly hand-crafted.
As we celebrate the gift of our faith today, may these Tears we pray deepen our relationship with God and unite us with our brothers and sisters everywhere in their joys and sorrows.


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