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I joined PIMBY as it's partly a historical tour of the city district churches. I also wanted to support the Church so I brought my daughter along so as to educate the future generation.
As the artist for 'Journey Home', I was inspired by the migrant workers who don't have safe transport. Since the theme that year was "Who is Christ to you?", I decided to juxtapose the workers in a truck with a Singaporean mother and daughter in a big car, both similarly on journeys home but under such different conditions.
This artwork, titled 'One', resonated with me as this is what the Church should emulate - which is inclusivity.
For me, this piece titled 'My eyes on Him' means we need to have complete faith in God in both good times and bad. When we walk one step towards God, He will walk a hundred steps towards us.
'Missionary Chef at Crossings Cafe', 4 Dec - Food sustains us and it builds community so this is very meaningful; especially at a time when we have to be selective with the events we attend; and to have Fr Joe Lopez whipping up his Spanish cuisine is an absolute treat
'Missionary Chef at Crossings Cafe', 4 Dec - Fr Joe Lopez's menu was excellent!  I love the croquette because of the creamy centre, and the salad was delicious with bits of crunchy apples mixed with the potatoes.
'Missionary Chef at Crossings Cafe', 4 Dec - We are so used to seeing the clergy in their regular religious duties that this is a novel idea, seeing the other side of them, enjoying their culinary talents. We should have more of these!
I visited Luminary Lit and I ended by writing a pledge and putting it on the tree. It was a good way to remind myself to take concrete action to grow my faith. I got to take back a plant that will need to be taken care of, just like my faith that needs regular watering and nourishing.
I had a very intimate PIMBY experience conducted by Br Nicholas during the Catholic200SG Festival. I had so much fun learning the history and feel very blessed to have made new friendships with people from different walks of life.
Through introducing the artworks of Echoes from the Past, I am able to convey the meaning behind each piece of work. The message from the children in these art pieces is that there is joy, hope and love in the Church.
The Catholic200SG Festival is a good opportunity to meet Catholics from different parishes, especially after 2 years of virtual mass and online gathering, I was starting to feel far from God.
We had a lovely afternoon watching the film works at the Filmmaker's Showcase. We were inspired and moved by Sr. Gerald's sharing of grace, forgiveness and love in her vocation and her dedication in being the bridge, helping the prisoners open their hearts to God.
I came with my brother and daughter from Novena, and walked around the premises of Catholic Centre, Cathedral and Saints Peter & Paul Church. I am proud to be part of this celebration, and enjoyed myself at the 'Luminary Lit' exhibition, where I got to see potted plants and plant a future with fellow Catholics. Very creative!
Returning to Singapore for a holiday, I extended my stay by chance, and how grateful and honoured I am to be able to witness the events at this Festival. I am thrilled to be able to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event for Catholics in Singapore. I feel a sense of belonging walking through the Heritage Gallery, understanding our history and tradition, which is essential to guide us (me) into the future.
I am inspired and overwhelmed by everything. It is impressive and difficult to pinpoint one main highlight, but if I had to, it was the Angelico FaithWorks exhibition. I can sense the immensity and inspiration behind the artists' works. It's an unexplainable feeling.  Indeed, if we are open to the Lord's promptings and guidance, anything is possible.
My friends reminded me about the Catholic200SG Festival, and invited me here for the events.  Despite the commercialisation of Christmas in the malls, I liked that the church grounds are not too crowded. I can feel the Christmas mood sinking in while visiting the Bethelem Village at this Book Exchange section. It is enjoyable for me to be able to reflect on the serenity and peace that Jesus brings, and connect with our faith.
We are here to support Fr. Kamal for 'Chords of Blessings', and are excited to hear him sing. The Catholic200SG Festival line-up has been interesting so far, and is also a memorable experience for us, especially since we have not had events as a Catholic community for a long time.
For this piece that I did for Angelico FaithWorks, I was inspired to use “pointism”; I was also experimenting with longer brush strokes then. The 2 fishes in the painting – the fish on top symbolises Christ who is higher than me, one step behind me and watching over me.

Despite technological advancements, nothing beats holding a physical book and flipping the pages. Biblical books also create greater impression on the reader. Our mission is to evangelise through different forms of media but especially to have personal contact with each person. Come visit us to have a conversation at CGS!

Today is a rare free day for us, so we brought kids down to experience this Festival. We want to get closer to it rather than through media as I feel that if they don’t see, they can’t experience it. As parents, we must support what the Church has to offer. To me, making the connection lessens the distance.
Luminary Lit offers informative snippets of Church history. I am thankful for the efforts and this is a good opportunity for all to know about our roots. It is heartening that the early missionaries stepped out of their comfort zone to come out here to evangelise, knowing that they may not return home. How many of us will actually do that?
I found Luminary Lit informative and inspiring in so many ways. It's an excellent exhibition to share about our Catholic Faith – personally I love the Word of God and sharing it. A big thank you to all who were involved in putting this up and I highly encourage everyone to come and bring friends, especially those who don’t know God and His offer of salvation.
My favourite? Echoes from the Past – it's amazing how the children look at faith, hope and love and are able to illuminate the meaning through their drawings. I wonder to myself what’s the story behind their paintings and how the children were inspired to do their paintings - every one is so innocent and cute.
I attended the Jam and Worship. It didn’t help me enrich my understanding of the Catholic faith. However, I do not feel that was the objective. I was able to surround myself with positivity and good music. I enjoyed the music! No hiccups and it went well.
I loved the artworks at the Angelico FaithWorks exhibition. It was lovely to see how the artists were inspired by their faith experiences and talents to share it further in forms of art. What inspired me most was this icon of Mary which is frequently seen but as I was gazing at the picture at the exhibition, it was upclose and Mary's endearing eyes followed me as I moved from side to side.
The artist used broken pieces of wood to form the crucifix. This “sustainability in art” speaks to me that only in Jesus can our brokenness be made whole. I pray that the many Catholics who are broken will find healing in and through Jesus.
In a festival filled with rich content, this quiet corner of 200 artworks resonated the loudest with me. To see the Catholic Faith interpreted through the innocent, untainted eyes of our kids (some of whom aren’t even Catholic) was refreshing and enlightening indeed. We have so much to learn from them.
I admire the artist who was brave to bare his journaling, Yet, his willingness to share, focusing on Christ in his journey, touched something within.
Tonight's talk by Friar Derrick on gratitude & happiness reaffirms my belief that every breath I take I thank God I am alive, healthy and happy, especially this year when I'm 80. When Fr Derrick said this - 感恩快乐, it touched me the most. Simple gratitude is a testament of faith in the Lord.
This Festival marking 200 years is a celebration of God's faithfulness for the poor and the people who need redemption. It is a beacon of light for people who are lost, like me a year ago when I started my journey with ICPE. God's message never changes, and it will keep continuing.
The Journey of Grace was a renewing experience. Not having attended adoration “live” as a family for awhile, it was a meaningful experience. The Festival was a wonderful date day and we enjoyed our time together wandering around the 3 venues. The churches felt vibrant with people enjoying the activities freely.
It was heartening to listen to the young talented singers during the Night of Worship who in their own way testified to God’s presence in their lives. It gives me much hope for the future of our Catholic Church here. I pray that more young people will be moved to use their gifts courageously and make Jesus known.
I am a volunteer in the security team and take care of the entrance to the events at Catholic Centre. It's so good to see people who are non-Catholics coming with their Catholic friends, and they are from all walks of life. I am proud to be a part of this as a volunteer - it is an opportunity of a lifetime to serve in such a big event!
I spent 2 hours waiting for a chance to attend the Sacrament of Reconcilation at St Peter & Paul's Church yesterday (7 Dec), but it was worth the wait. After that, I managed to watch a film there and had some quiet adoration time which made me feel good.  In support of the Catholic200SG events, and to learn more about our Church's history, I am back here today at the Cathedral to glimpse at more exhibits and books. It is a delightful ambience to be in, and all programmes are well-organised.
We, the volunteers at the Penitential Service sector did this on the ground for the penitents coming in the night because they had to be in a holding area outside the Church - we figured that this would be something that could give them a space to focus and reflect that Jesus = Love. I am very happy to serve in this Festival, because it is an event that draws people back to the Church and to each other. I'm so happy to see so many familiar faces.
I am part of the Serenata Choir, and am here tonight with my community to perform for the Feast of Music. As individuals from various churches, we make an effort to meet at least once a month at the Church of the Divine Mercy to practise and sing for different occasions and for the Filipino mass. I am proud of our heritage, especially since the Catholic200SG celebration coincides with us celebrating 500 years of our faith in Philippines. To commemorate this journey, we will be singing 'Arvit Ng Misyon' this evening, which means 'We give our Yes' (to Christianity); I am very happy to partake in the celebrations in such a meaningful way.
Being my first time here at the Cathedral since the Covid-days when the churches were not as accessible, I am thrilled to be able to attend the classical music session (for Feast of Music) tonight. I love music and want to support fellow Catholics at this Catholic200SG event, while soaking up the atmosphere.
I was introduced to this event by a fellow Catholic who shared the link. We attended a talk on Catholic Divorced Support Groups, and realised there were other frutitful sessions and talks meant for the family, which we were glad to participate in. Some of these talks even attracted non-Catholics, and I see it as a great form of outreach. This is one of the larger-scale events held in the Church compunds since Covid-days, and I am thankful to be back physically. My daughter enjoyed the 'Echo from the Past' exhibition too. Her favourite picture is the one with the Unicorn and Mother Mary praying as it speaks of colours, positivity and hope. Special thanks to all the volunteers on the grounds too, who are well-informed and helpful.
Missionary Chef @ Crossings - Sr Mary Yong. The Cafe was small but cozy.  I like the ambience and the feeling that we are one big family of friends gathered together for this special event. The food was good.
I am appreciative of the Sacrament of the Reconcilation held at St Peter's and Paul's Church. It is a good idea to have it held in such an 'open concept' and welcoming manner. It allows those who have been physically away from Church, to be able to come back for confession, quiet reflection and prepare purposefully for Advent and Christmas. Besides attending the 'Pilgrimage in my Backyard' tour, I also enjoyed the 'Luminary Lit' exhibit held at the Cathedral. Beyond oral history, the written books and artefacts reinforce the importance of connecting with the origins of our faith and formation.
I felt immensely blessed and proud to have donned the school uniform again! Truly, St Magdalene’s call for us to have youthful hearts that are filled with ardor rang out that night. It was awesome to have been part of a centennial celebration that will never occur again in my lifetime!
I was blessed to be given a seat for the Feast of Music, and witnessed the beautiful Praise & Worship performance by the singing priests, Father Kamus and Father Derrick Yap. Touring around the Cathedral compounds, I like the Bethelem Village too. I am grateful for the birth of Jesus, and how He came into the world as a path of salvation for all of us. Indeed, I am very proud of our humble faith, and elated to be present to celebrate this once-a-lifetime event.
This Festival is a unique opportunity for all Catholics to come together to celebrate the Faith. I am amazed by the prayers offered by the community.
It has been interesting to see the different Catholic Organisations working together. I really enjoy the experience of meeting different people and spending time together.
The art pieces at Angelico Faithworks relate to our lives and they connect with what we are experiencing.
I am inspired by the beautiful artwork at Angelico FaithWorks. They show that God works through all of us.
The Festival is very well organised. It has reached many people, especially the youth.
I really enjoyed the artwork at Angelico FaithWorks and Echo from the Past. I am inspired by the artists being inspired.
I want to thank the many volunteeers and Catholic Organisations for researching and putting together the exhibits, activities and events at the Festival. I also thank our saints and forefathers for imparting the Faith to us.
I'm a volunteer at the check-out station at Cana, and I am so glad to be able to facilitate and see happy faces coming out of the events. I do wish to see more young people involved in the Church today.
The ‘Blessings of Manna’ artwork at Angelico FaithWorks reminds to ask our Lord every morning for manna to last us through the day; He is always generous and good.
I liked the Daughters of St Paul Bookshop the best- There is a wide selection of books that allows me to learn more about our Catholic faith and Church history. In fact, through such visuals and exhibits, it is a great way for us to evangelise the work of our pioneers. I hope we can reach out to more (non)Catholics too.
Missionary Chef @ Crossings Cafe 6th Dec. I am so glad to be invited to experience this event when it was sold out so fast! Fr Eugene Lee is a fantastic chef and his menu of Japanese fusion is worthy of a top-class rating! Fr Eugene's sharing was inspiring; and his crab cakes were so good! Kudos also to Irene Jansen, Jenny and the team at Crossings for curating this. Thanks Willie for the invitation.
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