2021: The Year to Ignite and Shine with Faith

Two hundred years ago, on 11 December 1821, St Laurent Imbert landed in Singapore. From then, missionaries from faraway lands came and planted the seeds of faith. Thereafter, the growing local Church has seen the ebb and flow of history, which shaped modern Singapore. From 13 December 2020, our Archdiocese will mark this pivotal year to launch a new era of faith.

I have reached Singapore on 11th instant, and have visited according to your Lordship’s request the Catholics of this new settlement. There are only 12 or 13 in number…

St Laurent Imbert

Letter to Bishop Florens, 15 December 1821

Every Catholic is invited to renew our faith:


Take part in the following:

  • Penance
  • Novenas
  • Official Prayer
  • Prayer marathon
  • Catechetical talks
  • Penitential services
  • Works of charity and mercy
  • Intercessory prayer sessions


Participate in group discernmentexercises on the role of our faith in: 

  • Families
  • Parish life
  • Society
  • Serving the poorand marginalised


Participate in events that witness the faith in: 

  • Youth
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Social mission
  • Family life


Come together as one Church for: 

  • Concurrent Mass
  • Plenary Indulgence
  • Mission rallies
  • Catholic200SG Festival

“I have come to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were blazing already!”

Luke 12:49

People Behind Catholic200SG

We are grateful for the many volunteers and partners who have come forward.

Communications Committee
  • Faith Chew
  • Audrey Simon Eleanor
  • Magdalene Ho
  • Claudia Kua
  • Shirley Lee
  • Juliana Loh
  • Carmen Ang Ludmilla
  • Daryl de Payva Marc
  • Agnes Ng
  • Ivy Poon
  • Nathalie Fernandez Rachel
  • Christina Soon
  • Louis Tan
Events Committee
  • Juliana Aloysius
  • Ryan Yong Aw
  • Janice Chua
  • Jessica
  • Roy Joseph
  • Agnes Kay
  • Nilo Lastimosa
  • Daphne Leong
  • Charles Lim
  • Thomas Low
  • Gail Ng
  • Linus Ng
  • Angela Ow
  • Kenneth Poon
  • Sudhakar
  • Jane Tan
  • Margaret Wong
  • Belinda Yeo
  • Daniel Yeo

Catholic200SG Festival Committee
  • Theresa Bong
  • Doreen Chan
  • Alphonsus Chern
  • Angela Chern
  • Benjamin Chia
  • Sarah Chong
  • Magdalene Ho
  • Irene Jansen
  • Iris Koh
  • Jo-Anne Lee
  • Lionel Lee
  • Irene Lee
  • Janet Lim
  • Adrian Loh
  • Winifred Loh
  • Sandra Ross
  • Gabriel Sim
  • Mary Soh
  • Jeremy Tan
  • Joanna Tan
  • Colin Tan
  • Brenda Tan
  • ONEworship Team
  • Christina Ying
Collective Discernment Committee

  • Fr. Valerian Cheong

  • Fr. Edward Seah

  • Fr. Terence Kesavan

  • Andrew Sng

  • Ivan Ng
  • Lawrence Chong

  • Valerie Siew

Catholic200SG Partners in Faith


 Red symbolises Singapore and Blood of Christ.

The blast of light in the darkness symbolises the presence of God in moments of difficulties.

This red dot represents the energy and passion of Singapore and its people.

 The shape and concept for the logo is inspired by a Monstrance representing the Body of Christ and it is meant to remind us that we are part of One Body.

The compass represents that many migrants came from all over the world to be part of the Singapore story. The Singapore Archdiocese has Catholics from almost every continent. 

“S” represents Singapore Catholics, inviting them to shine with Faith.

The invisible space represents the Singapore river where the missionaries first arrived, which is also where the Singapore Story began.

Cross, the sign of our faith.

Usage of the Catholic200SG Name

Please use the name without change and abbreviation as it emphasizes the Catholic identity and the 200th anniversary of the Catholic Church in Singapore.

Participate in this historic celebration to renew and shine with faith in all that we do.

Pray. Intercede for a great year of renewal. Join in the intercessory prayers, Novenas and other spiritual activities throughout the year.

Obtain a Plenary Indulgence. Participate in the Concurrent Mass, or support a charity, or make an act of penance, and fulfill the general conditions for a plenary indulgence.

Join the events. Take part in the events with your family and friends. Ignite the world. Shine with faith.

Be a volunteer. Volunteer at events such as the Catholic200SG Festival, the Masses or join any of the sub-committees.

Donate. Support these evangelisation efforts through the Ignite200Fund.

Celebrate the Catholic identity with others.

Buy or gift these souvenir items.

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Help contribute to the organising costs of Catholic200SG and the future Catholic Church in Singapore.